About Us

There are ten reasons why we built Business York.

  1. The internet may be great for finding a surf shop in Melbourne but sometimes it's sometimes more important to find a plumber in Holgate.
  2. If there are two plumbers on Holgate, some word of mouth would be helpful.
  3. Money's tight at the moment and if there's a good deal to be had, it would be nice to know about it.
  4. It's never been more vital for businesses to promote and advertise their products and services to potential customers.
  5. There's nothing wrong with a sense of community.
  6. If you need to find a local supplier, you might appreciate not having to search a nationwide or international database.
  7. New York's a big place and there's another York in Pennsylvania, as we've often found out when we google. At Business York, your search results will be relevant.
  8. It's a big task for small businesses to get noticed on the internet. We publish suggestions and ideas for building your online presence and growing your local and wider audience.
  9. It helps to have all your trusted contacts and suppliers stored in one place.
  10. Bad news travels quickly but a job well done is worth a mention as well.