Business York RSS Feed Articles from Business York Best Practice for Job Applications Is it an acceptable strategy to state that "if you have not heard from us within two weeks, you can assume that your application has been unsuccessful"? A realistic appraisal of human psychology may suggest it is not. Should your business be twittering? In the first of a series of articles on internet marketing opportunities, Neil Ferguson gives the lowdown on Twitter. Successful Recruitment Strategies Supply and demand may be in favour of the recruiter at the moment but companies still have every reason to publish clear and useful information about vacancies, if they want to attract the most suitable applicants. Volume without quality is wasting everyone's time. Signing up to the Primary Authority Scheme The Primary Authority scheme came into effect on 6 April and allows companies with heavy regulatory burdens to work with a single local authority rather every local authority where they have an office, shop or factory. Could your business benefit? Facebook - More Than Entertainment Following on from our Twitter article, Jessica Thompson takes on Facebook, the other giant of the social networking world, to explain why business owners might be wise to give it a second look. Social Networking Review Many web analysts are predicting a decline in search engine use as more users rely on companies and individuals who have entered into their extended social networks. Is it time to have a fresh look at your online marketing strategies? SEO: Lessons Learnt The Hard Way A key part of the scope for the redesign of the Business York website was to improve our search engine rankings against some specific keywords. Everything went well at Yahoo and Bing but their share of the search engine market totals less than 10%. At Google, who have a mighty 85% share, the response wasn't just negative. Basically, the site all but disappeared from their organic search results. Find out what went wrong and how to learn from our mistakes.